Monday, August 7, 2006

What's the biggest whopper you ever told?/RotM 1.18

"It's probably just the flu, you'll be fine."

The words were just the beginning of a series of lies I'd tell that day.  I could excuse my actions by saying I wasn't even supposed to be there.  I'd drank too much the night before and when I arrived I was still hung over.  I went over the case with Carter but he hadn't really done a history on the kid and I wasn't alert enough to pick up anything unusual with what I saw on first look.  Abby tried to tell me something was wrong, wanted me to do more tests, but I wasn't listening, I knew more.

By the time, someone else got involved the damage was done, instead of preparing for his wedding day his parents and fiance were sitting in the ICU preparing for the moments that would lead to his funeral. 

You would think I would have learned from my mistakes that day, but I hadn't, I left, tired and angry, driving too fast in conditions that should have mandated caution. Making matters worse, I put someone elses life in danger and I didn't even care.


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