Friday, August 25, 2006

Our Love/Romantic in 100 Moods

ER/Luka Kovac 082.Romantic
Title: Our Love
Fandom: ER
Characters: Luka and Danijela Kovac
Prompt: Romantic
Word Count: 481
Rating: light R
Warnings/Spoilers: Sexual Situation
Summary: Luka and Danijela find some time alone

"Luka, it's time to wake up."  Danijela sat on the side of the bed before leaning over her sleeping husband so she could whisper in his ear. "Luka." A smile spread across her face when he did little more than moan and press his face deeper into his pillow.

"Oh, you're going to play this game are you?"  Her smile grew wider before she blew lightly into his ear. "Luka." She whispered his name softly so as not to wake their two small children who slept not far away, before running her finger along his jawline.

"We could play something else..."  Her tone became sing-song as she traced the bone.  "Luka..."

When her actions finally prompted him to crack an eye open she laughed lightly.  "Good evening, sleepyhead."  With him now awake she lay alongside him, and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I have supper waiting for you on the stove, but, it's still early and the children are already asleep." She kissed his neck with the invitation.  Moments that the two found together were too few and far between to pass up on.

A still drowsy smile spread across his face as he rolled onto his back, then drew her on top of him before kissing her.  "Evenin', I think that sounds like a wonderful idea." His long fingers threaded naturally into her curls as he whispered to her.

"Did you have something in mind?"  His smile brought his accompanying dimples with it as he teased his wife for more details and in return watched the blush he knew would follow tint her face. "You're so beautiful."

Instead of answering Danijela glanced toward the doorway that separated the two of them from their two small children, when she was sure that she heard no sound she returned her eyes to Luka.  He was the only man she had ever known, her first love.  Instead of speaking,  she lowered her eyes as a concession to the modesty she was used to, and slipped out of her sweater, revealing her nakedness beneath.  Then, as she lifted her eyes to his for his reaction, she smiled.

"I love you so much." His hands abandoned her dark locks for the newly revealed pale skin as he took hold of her and pulled her close so that he could kiss her again.  "So much."

He rolled her onto her side, letting his fingers explore her skin until they brought goosebunps up on it and forced little mews from her.  Only then did he coax her from the rest of her clothes as he let her do the same from him...dinner would have to wait.


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