Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hallucination/Artistic License

This is hard for me because so much of what I remember comes in bits and pieces, disjointed fragments that twist memories of my past with the horrors we were subjected to while in the Mai Mai's hands.

It was hard to breathe...they loaded us all into one truck, throwing one body on top of another.  Some have been dead for days, oh God, the smell.

No, don't cover it.  They're covering it with a tarp.  I can feel the panic rising. It's like a tomb as they  block out the light, closing off the little breeze the moving vehicle might bring.
What's to stop them from killing us too?  What's to stop them from burying us with all the rest?

"Danijela?" I can feel her hand brushing across my brow, through my hair. It can't be her, but her touch is there. I can't understand her...why can't I understand her? Her words ease the panic even if I can't understand them.  I can't keep my eyes open, but I'm afraid that if I close them it'll be the last time.

"Danijela!" Then there are hands grabbing at me, pulling me from the truck, pulling me away from her. "No, Danijela." She's gone, but others are here, I hear their voices as they carry me past their tents and shelters. But the words are all wrong.  The ones carrying me keep walking and soon their voices are gone too, and there's only the darkness again. 

They push through a doorway, I feel the material covering it brush across me as we move through it.  Once inside then they lay me on a rough blanket on a wood floor and I somehow find just enough energy to realize that Chance and her mother are here as well.  We were the only three to survive.


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