Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prompt: Curious for 100Moods

Once Upon a Time

"Mama...isn't it time for Tata to wake up yet?" For no less than the tenth time since she'd eaten lunch the small girl was tailing her mother with the question.

"Jasna, baby, you know Tata has to work tonight, he needs to sleep, now go play with Marko while I finish the washing."  Danijela looked down at her young daughter as she spoke, her hands still in the basin of water that sat next to the sink.  What she wouldn't give for running water again, which only served to remind her that she needed to remind Luka that they would need water again before he went to the hospital.

"But, Mama," The fact that her daughter's voice had settled into a pleading whine became enough of a distraction that she failed to see her young son crawl out of her line of sight.

"Tata...Tata," Marko had himself picked up on his sister's need for their father's attention and decided to take matters into his own small hands.  Not yet walking, he crawled around the divider that separated the small kitchen from the front room and over to the couch where Luka slept. Pulling himself up on his feet he leaned his face in close to his sleeping fathers. 

"Tata, up?" At the question he lifted the man's visible eyelid open as his own came so close that their eyelashes very nearly touched.

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