Friday, January 19, 2007

Luka Kovac 05 General: Memories /10 ER Fics

Title: Missing Pt. 3
Character/Pairing: Luka and Josip "Joe" Kovac, Abby Lockhart
Prompt: 5. Memories
Word Count: 325
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers to Season 13
Summary:Could Luka's greatest fear have come true?
Disclaimer: Neither Goran Visnjic's image nor the character of Luka Kovac of ER belong to me. No copy-write infringement is intended by their use, they are being borrowed here strictly for entertainment purposes

He was running out of places to try, no, that wasn't true, but if he called the last it was admitting that the worst could be true. Snapping his cell and phone closed, Luka reached for the bloodied baby blanket, only to crush it tightly in his hands once he had it. He wouldn't be asked to make that sacrifice a second time, would he?

The memories of what it had been like to lose Danijela and the children came instantly and almost simultaneously he found comparisons between those feelings and what he was feeling now. What had he done to deserve this? He buried his face in the blanket, only to find the scent of his missing son too much to bear. He had to call the police, but what did he tell them? They could be anywhere, all he had was the baby blanket with blood that could have come from anywhere, and his suspicion that Ames might somehow be involved, he had no proof.

He was on his feet before the thought had fully formed, his pacing taking him from one room to the next as if he might see something he had missed in those few moments since he'd last been there. But it was always the same, and in his mind, gaining strength were those memories of how he had felt when he had lost Danijela and the children. He couldn't go through that again...he was sure of it.

He had to call the police, he couldn't just wait and hope that everything would work out for the best. As difficult as it was to admit that Ames might use them to get to him, it was even more difficult to do nothing and have it turn out to be true. Short of starting a block by block canvas of the neighborhood on his own what else could he do? The decision made, he reached for the phone.

To be continued...


Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Morning After/Theatrical Muse Challenge

I don't think the true reality had set in until the funeral was held. I mean, I knew they were dead, I'd held Jasna in my arms as the heat left her body, and before that I had shared my breath with her in hopes that I could keep her alive until help arrived. I had laid her in her mother's arms when I went to free Marko from the debris that had stolen his life from him. But, somehow I still held onto that sliver of hope that would whisper to me when I was the more receptive, the sliver of hope that would tell me that I was only dreaming, that they were still alive, and all I had to do was wake up and everything would be back the way it was.

Every morning I would wake and in those initial fractions of seconds before I was fully awake I prayed for them to be there, I prayed for this to be the day that I would find Danijela in the kitchen feeding the children breakfast when I entered the room, but she never was.

The funeral ended those hopes.

On that morning after I woke came a sadness I knew would become my constant companion, they were really gone, buried, and I was alone. I wish that morning had never come...

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Talk about one thing you hope to do this year that you've never done before./TM Challenge

I want to take Abby home to Croatia to meet Tata. I want him to see that I have been able to find love again. I want to introduce Joe to his Djed, I want to see the joy in his face as he holds the grandchild I'm sure he thought he would never know. When Jasna and Marko died, I know he saw his line dying with them, but with Joe's birth that line will go on.

There's another reason I want to take Abby back to Croatia, a reason I need to go back, I need to put a closure to my past and I can only do that by returning to Vukovar. For the first time since the war, since that cold fall day when I buried my wife and children, I want to go back to that City that took so much away from me. I think it's important for Abby to see those places that played such important parts in my past. The place where our apartment stood, the hospital where I worked, the cemetery where my family was laid to rest.

It's not just for Abby that I need to go back though, a part of me knows that I feel like I have to have Danijela's blessing to really move on, that I have to introduce Abby and Joe to her and the children. It's time, for them, for me...for us.