Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Talk about one thing you hope to do this year that you've never done before./TM Challenge

I want to take Abby home to Croatia to meet Tata. I want him to see that I have been able to find love again. I want to introduce Joe to his Djed, I want to see the joy in his face as he holds the grandchild I'm sure he thought he would never know. When Jasna and Marko died, I know he saw his line dying with them, but with Joe's birth that line will go on.

There's another reason I want to take Abby back to Croatia, a reason I need to go back, I need to put a closure to my past and I can only do that by returning to Vukovar. For the first time since the war, since that cold fall day when I buried my wife and children, I want to go back to that City that took so much away from me. I think it's important for Abby to see those places that played such important parts in my past. The place where our apartment stood, the hospital where I worked, the cemetery where my family was laid to rest.

It's not just for Abby that I need to go back though, a part of me knows that I feel like I have to have Danijela's blessing to really move on, that I have to introduce Abby and Joe to her and the children. It's time, for them, for me...for us.

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