Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prompt 39A. Have you ever hurt someone and secretly felt good about it?/Canon Muses

I'll never understand what part of a man allows him to stoop so low as to beat a woman or a child.  I can't deny that I have a temper, neither can I deny that there have been times when my inability to control it have made me regret my actions. My having beaten a man so badly to have caused his death is proof of that.  It doesn't matter that I felt at the time that Abby's life was in danger, it doesn't matter that I very likely could have been killed myself had the blow he dealt me with the pipe been more exact.  What does matter is that I had no right to take his life, and that's what I did, all because I lost control.

I wish I could say I learned from that mugger's death, but, I know had Brian been in front of me in the moments after I saw what he did to Abby, he too would have been dead, regardless of the consequences to me. As it was, even though I went looking for him, enough time had passed that I was able to keep control of my temper for long enough not to kill him.  It didn't stop me from beating him, neither did it stop me from threatening to take his life if he ever so much as went near Abby again.  I never told Abby that I went after him, I can't say if she ever found out, all I know is she was safe, and that was the point of my doing what I did.  To this day I don't regret my actions, and given the chance I wouldn't change them, you don't hurt women, you don't hurt children, and if I can prevent someone from that, I will.


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