Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prompt 38A. Who is your best friend? /Canon Muses

For the longest time I refused to allow myself to make friends, I didn't dare let anyone get close, because if they did they might ask questions about my past and I couldn't risk that.  It was for that reason that I decided to become, what they here call a moonlighter, when I got my Greencard and was licensed to practice medicine in the United States.  I saw moonlighting as safe, I worked a day or two, maybe a week at most in any one place and then I moved on, no one noticed me me enough to ask about my life, no one bothered to ask about my past. As difficult as it was being in a country so far from everything I knew, and more importantly so far from everyone I knew. I thought I would spend the rest of my life hiding from my past this way, and then I found my way to County.

It took me some time to open up to those at County, and I won't say that once I did that things always went the way I would have liked.  I think maybe that Abby and I rushed into things our fist time together, and when we broke up we did it in a way that was meant to hurt the other.  It's funny though, as much as we thought we wanted to be apart, it turned out that what we really needed was time to learn to know each other as friends.  Over the years our friendship has grown stronger and I can honestly say that Abby is and always will be my best friend and confidant. Our marriage and the birth of our son seems daily to strengthen what we have and where once I chose to spend my life alone, these days, I can't imagine my life without her.



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