Monday, December 3, 2007

Prompt 2: My love/Muse Erotica

Close your eyes.
Imagine your next sex partner.
Describe them.

Luka held the receiver to his ear long after Abby had said her good-byes and hung up on her end. It was hard being so far away from her and Joe, hard to hear her describe how much their son was growing and be unable to witness it for himself. His first steps, his attempts to master his first words, there was so much happening in his life, and he was so far away.

As much as he missed Joe while awake, with sleep he found his thoughts more and more turning to Abby, and a smile crept onto his face as the memory surfaced. He had been gone for too long, and though she hadn't yet said so, she was beginning to worry that he might not come back to her. How could he not?

As he squeezed his eyes closed, her face instantly came to him. Raising his hand, he could almost imagine he was touching her face, sliding his fingertips along her cheekbones before he cupped her chin to pull her close for a long overdue kiss. He would release her then, but only for as long as it took to make eye contact, and to tell her how much he loved her. The image seemed only to grow stronger as he encouraged it to reveal even more details and he would almost swear it was his reality as he felt the softness of her hands in his.

Drawing Abby close, he released her only long enough to slip his arms around her waist, how could he have ever seen her as anything but beautiful? Lowering his head to hers, he gave her another kiss. As her lips met, his hands moved off of her waist and he began coaxing her sweater upward, revealing the pale skin beneath. At the vividness of the scene a shiver ran through him and when he brushed his fingertips across her breasts he was sure he could feel the goosebumps rise beneath them.

No, not like this, as difficult as it was he forced himself to put a stop to the dream, it wasn't right. Getting to his feet, he began pacing his father's house, how much longer would he be forced to choose between them? How much longer would he be forced to place his duties as a son before his needs as a husband? How much longer?

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