Monday, December 10, 2007

Luka Kovac/ER 008: Obstacles/10 ER Fics

Title: The Decision
Character/Pairing: Luka and Josip "Joe" Kovac, Abby Lockhart
Prompt:008 General Bonus: N/A
Word Count: 381
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers to Season 14 "300 Patients"
Summary: Luka and Abby talk about what is to come.
Disclaimer: Neither Goran Visnjic's image nor the character of Luka Kovac of ER belong to me. No copy-write infringement is intended by their use, they are being borrowed here strictly for entertainment purposes.

"It's never going to be easy for us is it?" Luka's words were the first to break the silence that had settled around the couple.

"I don't know." Abby shook her head as she answered, then reached over to run her fingers through Joe's hair. How was she going to do this without them?

"We can do this as a family, the three of us, you don't have to be alone." The fear of losing her was in his voice despite his effort to conceal it.

"No, I know what I said, but, it's not true, not in that way anyway." Abby paused, sniffing back tears she was determined not to shed.

" Abby, I know my being gone hasn't made things easy for you, we could go bury my father and then come back and work on this together." He was stopped by a shake of her head before he could finish.

"I would love to have you and Joe with me, but, I can't do it that way, I have to be the one to do this." She reached for one of the passenger's to Joe's plane, anything to keep her from seeing the hurt on her husband's face.

The room fell again into silence as Luka started to protest and then stopped himself, why did they have to face so many obstacles in their relationship?

"Can you put mama in the plane, Joe?" She handed the figure to her son before finally forcing her gaze back to her husband.

"Luka, please, tell me you understand." She brought her hand to rest on his as she made the request of him.

"I'm trying, Abby, I'm trying." He let his head drop so that it came to rest against hers, as the room once more fell silent except for the sound of Joe as he played in front of them.

"We'll miss you." His quiet words finally broke the silence, then a brief smile formed before he kissed her.

"I'll miss you too." Abby returned his kiss before settling against him to watch Joe play, drawingstrength from Luka as his arm curled around her. No more lies, no more sneaking around, this was the beginning of the life they should have always had, the life they all deserved.

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