Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prompt 22A What do you dream about?/Canon Muses

It was his scream that woke them both and where Abby's first instinct was to reach out to Luka and pull him into her arms, experience had taught her that as hard as it was she had to allow him to make the first move. Sitting up she hugged her knees to her chest as she watched her husband find his way back from whichever of his nightmares had robbed him of his sleep.

When she had first met Luka the dreams had always been the same, taking him back to those final months with the family he would be forced to lose over and over again. Since then he'd added other demons to his sleep, the horrors of his experiences in the Congo, and now, most recently those hours he'd been held by Curtis Ames. As she saw him finally open his eyes she offered him a small smile.

"Hey, do you need something to drink?" She was already pushing the blankets aside with the question.

"No, that's okay...I'm sorry I woke you." Without thinking he rubbed his right hand, the pain from the dream lingering even with the dream gone.

"You don't have to apologize, Luka." Stretching her legs out again, Abby patted her lap.

"Come lay here." As he complied she began to brush her fingers through his hair.

"You should go back to sleep yourself." Luka's voice was drowsy as he encouraged her to do that same thing she was asking of him.

"I will, in a little while, now, shhh..." She softened her voice, then slowed her motions down, knowing that he was already close to returning to sleep, if only she could keep him free of the dreams as easily.

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