Monday, August 6, 2007

August Prompt: 005. Which is more important? Private life or Professional life? /Creative Muses

After I lost Danijela and our children, work became an escape for me, a place to hide from the past I didn't want to think about. In the early years of my career I threw everything into it, even to the point of leaving the Country I was born in, thinking the farther away I was from the memories, the easier it would be for me to move on. For fifteen years I put my career ahead of everything else, I became an enigma, a moonlighter, never staying long enough for anyone to get close enough to find out anything about me, until Chicago.

County was different, so different that even I didn't see it at first, and over time I found the life I had thought would be my future, no longer the one I wanted. Little by little I began to reveal pieces of the past I had concealed for so many years. With those revelations came another and as much as I thought my career was so important I began to realize what I had sacrificed with the loss of my family all those years before.

My eight years at County have had it's share of ups and downs and just recently it's brought me back full circle to that place I was in that small apartment in Vukovar. I have always wanted to be a doctor, but no less then I've wanted to be a husband and father. Abby and Joe have given me back what I never thought I would have again and as much as I love medicine, I would walk away from it in a minute if the choice were it or them.

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