Monday, August 6, 2007

July Prompt: 005. What does your home tell about you? /Creative Muses

I think most people would take one look at the chaos of our apartment and think we were totally disorganized, but, we really aren't, I promise. When Abby and I got back together, it seemed only natural that she would move into my place, especially once we found out she was pregnant and we knew we were going to keep the baby. Because I was living alone when I started the renovation of it, it was only natural that the style and colors took on a more masculine feel, all that has changed with Joe's arrival, was that the spare bedroom became a nursery, and baby items seem to have taken over just about every other room as well. Joe's our life, when Abby and I aren't working we're spending our time with him, and maybe that's the biggest thing our home reflects. We don't hide Joe away in the nursery, he's with us in everything we do, in fact, if we could find a way to have him with us at work I know we most likely would. I love being a parent, I love every aspect of it, including the mess it brings into your home, and despite her initial fears, I'd like to think Abby feels the same way.

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