Sunday, September 24, 2006

RotM1.26.1. Write a ficlet that starts out with the phrase "Untie me..."

Luka Kovac/ER
Words: 260
Spoilers to the Congo Arc

"Untie me." Luka barely whispered the words to Sakima as he lifted his bound wrists to her, he couldn't know if it was safe yet, if even his asking was enough to get both of them as well as her daughter killed, but still he asked.

"No."  The woman shook her head, pushing them aside as she glanced to the rag that served as a door for the small hut.  She didn't know why the three of them had been spared the fate of the others, why they'd been brought to this place, but she knew she couldn't risk freeing him yet.

"We must wait." She dipped her scarf in the small bowl of water they'd been given to share and pressed it to his lips, hoping it would distract him. "You should rest."

"Chance?" His concern for the small girl had never left him, despite all they had been through, all she had been forced to witness.

"She's here. Please, Dr. Luka, you must rest." She dipped the cloth again, only to squeeze it over his lips so that it would give him enough moisture to soothe his parched throat.

He was too weak to protest, for the first time in days he was being allowed to lay down, to sleep, turning on his side he tucked his hands between his knees, what did it matter if he were bound or not. He released a quiet sigh and allowed his eyes to close, tomorrow was another day, at least they'd be here to see it.


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