Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September Prompt: 005. Pain.

A cry of pain from Luka jarred both he and Abby into consciousness, and almost immediately was followed by the sound of their son Joe's cries as his sleep was interrupted as well.  Pulling his injured right hand close to his body and cradling it with his left, Kovac was oblivious to the chaos he had created, consumed instead by the agony caused by his having inadvertently rolled over onto his hand while sleeping.

"Oh, Luka..."Abby could only imagine the pain he was in, but,after leaning over to give him a kiss she reluctantly pushed her covers aside in preparation of seeing to their still crying baby.

"I need to go see to Joe, I'll bring your pain meds when I come back." If she expected a response from him of more than the low moan that he had subsided into she was disappointed, and she almost wondered if he had heard her at all.

She hated Curtis Ames for what he had done, not just to Luka, but to their family.  He had terrorized them, threatened their baby, luckily he was young, that night would never haunt his sleep like it did hers and Lukas.  But, those were only the emotional wounds, the damage to her husband's hand was something else.  The surgery could only do so much, and now, all they could do was wait to see how successful it was.


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