Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prompt 16A: Men or Women?/Canon Muses

A. Do you prefer being around men or women? Are those closest to you tend to be men or women? 

When I was young, most of my friends were male, those I grew up with, who I went to school with.  We hung out together like most kids do, played football, talked about girls, our future, and more then a few times we got drunk together. 

When I met Danijela that changed, she became the world to me and we talked about everything and nothing.  I had started college and I had added a few other women into my circle of friends but none became as close as she did, and then she died.  

I no longer allowed people to get close to me, men or women. I cut off the friendships I'd had from childhood and retreated into myself and when even that wasn't enough I left my home and family.

Until I came to Chicago I was determined that I wouldn't let anyone close to me again, because getting close meant talking about my past and that was something I couldn't do. I would have succeeded if not for Carol, somehow she found a way in, and once she had opened that door, others soon followed, Abby, Carter, Sam, but none of them got as close as those early friends had. None of them until Abby found her way back to me.

It's funny how a few years change things, Abby and I are talking, and not only has she become my wife, but she's become my best friend. For so long I didn't think I would know that feeling again. 


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