Friday, June 8, 2007

Prompt 1.61.2 Extreme conditions/Realm of the Muse

"Dr. Luka." Sakima knelt on the dirt floor next to where Kovac lay.

"I have some water for you." She held the metal cup of water to his lips, letting the liquid dribble between them, as she tried to rouse him. For two days they had been in the tiny windowless hut, two days during which they had been all but ignored except for the brief moment when the blanket had been pulled aside and the pan of water and cup of pulverized maze that was supposed to feed the three of them for who knew how long had been thrust into her hands. She was worried about her daughter, but she was equally concerned about the doctor who had saved the young girl's life, and it was at his side she now knelt as she tried again to bring him around. The malaria he had contracted at Matenda was growing worse and without medication; she tried to force the thoughts aside.

"Dr. Luka, need to drink something." Having already seen too many die from untreated illnesses, and fearing he could easily be next she tore at the hem of her skirt, ripping loose a section of the thin fabric. How many days had it been since he had taken anything? She had to get him to eat or at least drink something. Dipping the scrap of cloth in the water she squeezed the excess water from it, then pressed it to his cracked lips. It wasn't much, but hopefully it would be enough to at least allow him to hold on until help came. If help came. She couldn't give up on the hope that somehow they would survive this.

"That's it, just a little more." As he first came around enough to suck on it and then opened his eyes a crack, she smiled in response. She had no way of knowing what plans the Mai Mai had for them, but, she would do whatever she had to if it would help her daughter and the man who had saved her life survive. Dipping her fingers in the water she brushed them across his fevered brow, only to have him lift his still bound hands to her, stopping her hand.

"Please?" The word was little more then a whisper as he made the plea, then offered up his hands to her again.

"I'm sorry, I can't...I don't know what they would do if I did." Knowing what she'd already suffered through at the clinic, she shot a quick glance to her daughter then back to him as she covered the electrical wire that was wrapped around his wrists with her hand. No,the risk was just too great, she couldn't take the chance that Chance might suffer that same fate. Applying a slight amount of pressure she coaxed him to lower them again

"Maybe, the next time they come back I can ask, but, I have to think of Chance." She swatted a fly away as she watched his face for his reaction, then let her eyes drop as he simply closed his eyes again without saying anything more.

"Dr. Luka...I'm sorry, if I could be sure that Chance would be safe, that they wouldn't hurt her..." She paused in mid-sentence as he opened his eyes again.

"Chance?" It was hard to tell if he understood what she was saying, or even if he knew where he was, especially as he seemed to be looking through her rather then at her.

"That's right, Dr. Luka, Chance." She moved slightly so that he could see her daughter sitting on the other side of the small dark room. Dropping the scrap of fabric, she reached for the cup and held it to his lips again.

"Just a little more...for Chance." If she could get him to take just a few more swallows.

"That's it." She nodded her encouragement as he drank, then withdrew the cup as he turned his head and closed his eyes again. After setting it aside she drew the thin blanket up over his shoulder, then retreated back to the other side of the room where her daughter sat.

"Are you hungry daughter?" She reached for the cup of maze with the question., they would survive, she would see to it.

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