Saturday, June 9, 2007

182: You've just won an award! What would it be and why?/Theatrical Muse Challenge

"" 2 year old Joe Kovac started to climb onto the bed thrusting the roughly wrapped packed toward his father, even before the man had fully opened his eyes. "Open, Tata."

"Good morning to you too, Joe." Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Luka reached for the package before realizing that his wife stood in the doorway of the bedroom watching the scene unfold. "Morning to you too."

"I tried to get him to wait but he wanted to give it to you now." Abby smiled as she offered her explanation. "Do you want some coffee?"

"Please." As he accepted her offer he sat up in the bed, making room for his young son beside him with the action. "What's this, Joe? It's not my birthday."

"Tata..." The boy recognized the teasing for what it was even at his young age and instead of saying more simply tapped the small package with his hand, smiling despite his growing impatience . "Open, Tata."

"Okay, okay did you make this yourself?" His own smile grew as he started to loosen the ribbon, revealing more of the hand-decorated newsprint that was wrapped around the small package.

"I like your paper." Taking care not to tear it he eased each of the pieces of tear loose, then laid it to the side before moving to the box itself.

"Is it a new car?" He glanced over at Joe at the question.

"No car in house, car too big, Tata." No longer satisfied with simply sitting beside his father and waiting, the toddler climbed onto his lap and opened the box himself.

"Here's your coffee." Abby sat the cup on the nightstand before taking a seat beside him.

"Joe..." Luka's smile broadened as he lifted the clay square bearing his son's small hand-print from the box.

"World's Best Father." He wiped at his eyes before wrapping his arms around the toddler, drawing him into a hug then giving him a kiss.

"I love it, thank you, Joe." He passed the plaque to Abby so she could see it before he turned his attention back to Joe. "It's the best present I've ever gotten."

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