Friday, February 15, 2008

Prompt 10.1 Sensual Dream/Muse Erotica

What was the last sensual dream you had? Who was in it? Was it someone you knew well or someone you’d just met? Could you tell them about it or did you have to keep it a secret?
Tell us about it.

Maybe it's being back in Croatia, back where I met Danijela all those years ago, maybe it's being away from Abby, it's hard to say. Since Niko and I buried our father, I've spent so many hours revisiting the places of my youth with Joe. I suppose it was only natural to find so many of my long suppressed memories of my wife to return as I found myself back in those places where our relationship first blossomed. As the memories returned, I guess I should have found it as no surprise that dreams of her came as well, and I almost feel as if I'm cheating on Abby when the intensity of them awakens me with my arousal still lingering. How do I tell my wife that I'm not just dreaming of my first wife, but that dreams of her still excite me?

Is it any wonder that the dream finds it's way back to me over and over?

It's so real. I feel her hand touch my cheek and I awaken to her smile, the smile that draws one from me in return before she leans forward to kiss me. Everything about her actions is hesitant and I know it is because this is all so new to us both. After she coaxes me to lay back on our bed, she slowly begins an exploration of my body, leaving soft kisses on my skin as she touches me.

I want so badly to return her attentions but, she pushes me back, silencing me with another lingering kiss, letting me know that in this, she is in control. She seems to be in no hurry, and if anything she slows her movements as I begin to squirm under her, my erection hardening under her weight. This is so unlike her, and if I come away with anything above the feelings of desire that dominate the dream it is that moment so rare to her.

What remains of the dream are moments private to my wife and I, moments of intimacy long lost, but forever cherished. Is it little wonder then that I find myself waking with the feelings still holding on to me? Is it any wonder that she remains the love of my life, even after so many years? No matter how many years pass, nothing can change that, my love for her is eternal, and maybe this is her way of showing me that for her the same is true.

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