Monday, February 18, 2008

2.3.1 F: Give it to me, baby./TBS

As I sit here on this park bench watching our son play near-by, I can't help but wish that Abby were here with me, with us.  So many of these last few months have been ones we've spent apart, one or the other en-charged with the care of our son, when what he needs most is the love and guidance of both of his parents.  I worry sometimes about how these months will affect him in years to come, if they will affect him, and then I wonder how they cannot.

I know that the time Abby is taking now, is time she needs to take for her well-being, time that can only benefit Joe and our relationship in the future, but, that doesn't make the separation any less difficult. As I look now at how Abby's absence will impact our son, I can't help but wonder how the time I was out of his life will affect him.  There was no way I could anticipate my father's illness, any more then I could know that within days of my returning to the States, he would be gone.

"What do you have, Joe?  Give it to me, baby, bring it to Tata."

Nothing would mean more to me now then to have my wife, Joe's mother here with us, maybe in time that will happen.  For now, Joe and I will do this alone, but, he will know his mother loves him, he'll know she would be here if she could, and most of all, he'll know in time, we'll be a family again.

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