Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love Letters/Talking Muses

"Kovac, Luka" At the sound of his name Luka made his way through the throng of other soldiers waiting for the Kapetan to make his way through the stack of envelopes in his hand, hoping that the announcement of their name will reward them with some piece of mail from home. Most of those there were within a year or two of his age, just entering manhood, and fulfilling their obligated military service.

"Hvala." He took the envelope with a smile as the scent of his young fiance's perfume drifted off of it, then felt the heat of his creeping blush as he took good-natured ribbing from those near enough to catch the scent as well. 

He missed Danijela, they'd had so little time together before it'd been time for him to leave, but, he'd had no choice, he had to go before he started medical school.  Moving away from the crowd he found a quiet place to open her letter, a place safe from prying eyes and teasing voices. 

"My dearest Luka..." Her words brought a smile to his lips as he read them, if he closed his eyes he could almost hear her voice saying the words aloud...almost.  If only they'd had more time.  It had been so hard to steal moments together before he left. Not just because of her age, but, because of their fear that her parents might discover the budding relationship, they would tell them of course, but, in their own time. 

"I miss you so much, and count the hours until you'll be home again, and I can hold you in my arms."  Time, they had thought they'd have more time, but now they had only the letters to tide them over.  Letters in which they professed their love for each other, letters in which they shared their dreams for the future. Two years he would have to wait to make her his wife, it seemed a lifetime with her so far away.

"All my love, Danijela"  As he finished reading he slid the paper back into it's envelope and tucked it in his pocket.  He would never survive if not for her letters, he was sure of it, he could only wonder if it were the same for her...

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