Saturday, July 15, 2006

Love 1.15.1/Realm of the Muse

Tell someone you love them, without using any of the following words: love, adore, dear, treasure, cherish and worship.


Luka pens the following to his wife on their first anniversary of their marriage.


From the moment I saw you in that coffee bar I knew. 

You were so young, so innocent, so beautiful.  I remember thinking even then that you were the one.  It took me weeks to work up the courage to approach you, I was so sure you would think I was too old, but, once that decision was made I couldn't hold back any longer.

When I learned you'd had similar feelings about me I knew fate had intervened.  I think we both realized that we would have to take things slow, your age, my classes, but, I didn't mind, we had the rest of our lives, there was no reason to rush things.

I'd begun to think your 18th birthday would never come, but it did, and within the week you became my wife and I your husband.  Nothing I had imagined came close to how I felt that day, and our wedding night is one I will never forget.

Danijela, thank you for being my wife.  Thank you for the child you're carrying inside you.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your husband and the father of your children. Thank you for giving me the life I always dreamed about but, doubted was possible.  You are the center of my world and will remain so through eternity.

Yours forever, Luka

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