Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A post for 100moods/Lethargic

Title: The Morning After
Fandom: ER
Character: Luka Kovac, Erin Harper
Prompt: Lethargic
Word Count: 478
Rating: G
Warnings or Spoilers: Spoilers to "Hindsight"
Summary: Sometimes mornings come too soon. 

He hadn't needed Kerry's call, hadn't needed to wake to find Erin half dressed and not remember how she had come to be there.  God, he was tired.  No, not just tired, hung-over, all he wanted he wanted to do was sleep.  Laying there with his eyes closed he could easily have returned to where he been before Kerry's call, just a few minutes was all it would take.

"Luka, you need to get up."  Erin's voice broke into the darkness and called him back toward consciousness.

"I'm awake.  He cracked and eye open with a sigh and tried to remember how they had come to be at the place they were.

"Do you want me to put some coffee on?"  The woman had buttoned her blouse and was moving to the doorway as she spoke.

"Yeah, sure." He rubbed at his eyes and wondered how he was possibly supposed to work when it was all he could to to manage the energy for that small feat.

"You're not going back to sleep if I leave you alone?"  Her uncertainty about doing just that was clear in her words.

"No, not going to sleep."  Even as he spoke the words he was sure he could turn them into a lie with very little effort.

" need to get up off that bed and into the shower."  Erin found herself smiling as she watched the man battle with himself over staying awake.

"I'm going, I'm going..."  His words were quiet, with no conviction surfacing in them at all.

"Luka, I don't believe you, come on..up."  The med student moved over to the bed in hopes of motivating the doctor into action.

"Alright, alright."  Exasperation surfaced as Luka eyed the young woman and her approach and despite his wanting to do otherwise he forced himself to sit, only to immediately regret the action as his head protested the action.  "Bog."  He uttered the curse as his hand went to his forehead.

"That bad?"  Erin found herself smiling despite herself.  The man looked miserable and he no doubt felt worse.  "I'll go find some aspirin and get the coffee on, you get in the shower, it'll help."  She offered a hand in case he was ready to take it.

"Yea, sure it will."  His eyes narrowed at her expression before he reluctantly took her hand and actually rose from the bed.  "I was not supposed to be working today."

"I know, but now you are, take your shower, the coffee will be ready when you're done."  Apparently further conversation was not going to happen and Erin found herself grinning as Luka released her hand and groped his way to the bathroom.  Only when she heard the sound of the water coming on did she finally leave the room, he was definitely going to need coffee, lots of coffee.

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