Sunday, June 18, 2006


ER/Luka Kovac 017 Cold
Title: It's Not Easy Saying Good-Bye
Fandom: ER
Characters: Luka Kovac, Jasna Kovac
Prompt: Cold
Word Count: 219
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Possible tissue alert
Summary: Luka says good-bye.

Nothing could have prepared him for this moment. 

It seemed only fitting that it should be snowing, that the air held such a bite that his tears would freeze on his cheeks.  Standing next to the coffins that held his young wife and their two small children, he barely felt the cold, what did it matter? His heart had already turned to ice.

Except for the priest he was alone with his family, the grief his alone to bear.  He knew he should have allowed Danijela's family to come, knew his own parents would have wanted to be with him, but the risk was too great. Even now he could hear shells falling, bullets cracking the silence and he wished he could call one to claim him.

The thought of his family being lowered into the frozen ground was almost unimaginable, why did it have to be them? He wanted to stop them, wanted to take them someplace warm even as he knew they were beyond feeling cold.

He knew the priest was speaking to him but the words made no sense, and then it was over.  Without thinking he moved toward the coffins, and in the next moment he collapsed over the smallest of them.  How was he going to live without them?

And still the snow fell.

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