Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Prompt 15: Mun Prompt on Celibacy/Muse Erotica

If your muse had to be celibate, completely, for a year, would you still be able to write them and not have them go completely mad or silent?

Absolutely, Luka is one of those muses who has such a complex background as well as current storyline that I can pull from many places without having to focus on the sexual aspects of any of his relationships. In my mind, there was a considerable period of time between when his first wife, Danijela, died, and when he entered into his next relationship which involved any kind of sexual intimacy. While it was never openly stated, I always felt that Carol was the first woman he allowed himself to have any kind of feelings for following Danijela's death, and even then, there was never anything sexual between them. It was only when he began seeing Abby almost a year later that we saw any evidence of him giving into any kind of sexual urges and it was she who initiated the first act. To put this into better perspective and to show just how little importance this seemed to have in his life, this happened some 9 years after the death of his wife and children. This is something that was made even more dramatic when two years later Luka went through a PTSD break and fell into a downward spiral that resulted in him abusing alcohol and engaging in sex with numerous partners, including prostitutes. With the exception of this short period of "living fast" Luka actually has only had 3 relationships in the 16 since he lost his family, and one of those resulted in his second marriage and a new son.

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