Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prompt 19.4: Quack Quack

Fictional Prompt: You're in bed with a blonde and a duck.

For the first time in far too many nights he had finally been able to sleep and even as the sun began to leave a thin trail across the stone floor, Luka found it still too soon to leave the warmth of the down comforter. The gentle breathing of the one sharing his bed warned him that sleep still held them and he found a smile spreading across his face as he turned onto his side so he could draw them closer.

"Quack, quack." The squeak was unexpected and he raised up on his arm to fish the small animal out from under the weight of his body. As the small hand reached for the duck he relinquished his hold and instead wrapped them around his young son.

"Go back to sleep, Joe, it's too early to get up." He brushed a kiss against his hair before releasing a sigh of his own and closing his eyes again.

"Quack, Quack..." The sound of his son's play with the duck echoed in his ears, as he tried to give himself back to sleep, definitely too early to get up.

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