Sunday, January 6, 2008

January Prompt 005: Ghosts/Creative Muses

005. Do you believe in ghosts, the occult, aliens, or the supernatural? Why/Why not?

Laying in bed, on that fine line between sleep and consciousness they come to me. I hear them calling my name, sometimes it's their cries of terror and I know they are searching for me in those final minutes before I made it back to the apartment. Other times I hear them as if they are simply in another room and it's those times that cause me the most pain because if I'm too close to sleep I can almost believe they are real. Maybe, the truth is, I need to believe they're real because, even after all of these years, if I don't have that to cling to then I have to let them go, and I can't do that.

I look at my faith and think of how we have always been taught to honor the Holy Ghost, to be aware of the spirits both good and evil that may influence our actions, or possess us. I can't help but wonder how my holding onto my loved ones is any different, what harm is there in my allowing them to remain close to me? Then again, am I by doing this preventing them from moving on to their Heavenly rewards? I wish I had the answers, but, I don't, and as selfish as it may be, neither am I ready for them to abandon me completely.

I tell Joe they're his angels, watching over him, making sure he is safe, I'd like to think that's true, what harm can there be in it?

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