Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Prompt/Artistic License

It was Joe's first Thanksgiving, Abby and I had planned to celebrate it alone, just the three of us, but work got in the way and our plans had to change. It's funny, you would think that it would have spoiled the day but it really didn't, instead it gave me a chance to do not just something special for her, but for all of those who had to work the holiday.

Without bragging I like to think I'm a pretty good cook, I credit my Mama and Danijela for that, both of them thought that it was as much a man's place to be in the kitchen cooking as his wife's. Abby had been coaching me on what I needed to do with the turkey, and the gravy, and the...jib, no, giblets, up to the moment the elevator doors closed it was "remember to baste the turkey."

It was a huge meal, salads, potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, pie. Somehow I managed to get it all prepared and then pack not only all of it up and get it loaded into the SUV, but Joe as well and I hauled it all to the hospital. Why not share what we had with the closest thing to family that Abby and I have here right now. It's funny, for the longest time I don't think we saw those at work that way, but things are changing, we're coming together and yesterday really showed that in a way words couldn't have.  I think it was a surprise to everyone and a Thanksgiving we will all remember for years to come.

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