Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Luka Kovac/07. General: Beginnings /10 ER Fics and Peaceful 100 Moods

Title: Time Alone
Character/Pairing: Luka and Josip "Joe" Kovac
Prompt: O7. General:Beginnings
Word Count: 474
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers to Season 13
Summary:Luka spends some time alone with his new son.
Disclaimer: Neither Goran Visnjic's image nor the character of Luka Kovac of ER belong to me. No copy-write infringement is intended by their use, they are being borrowed here strictly for entertainment purposes.

He had dreamt of this moment so many times, but he had never really thought he would see it come to pass, and now, here it was, here he was. Standing in the darkness with his newborn son in his arms Luka couldn't help thinking of his first two children, the two he had lost so many years before.

" you know how much we wanted you? How much I wanted you? " He asked the questions in Croatian, knowing it would be the first of many such conversations the two of them would have.

"Do you know what a lucky boy you are, to be wanted so much?" His brushed the fine black bangs off the boy's forehead only to find the image of another child coming to his thoughts with the act.

"You look so much like your brother did at your age." Tears formed as he made the comparison, knowing as he did that one would never know the other.

"His name was you remember me telling you about him in the hospital, and about your big sister Jasna? I wish you could have a chance to know them, that they could know you, but they went away a long time ago." He lifted a hand to wipe away his tearsas he spoke.

"I want you to know about them. I need you to know who they were and what they were like." He moved over to the rocker and took a seat, then settled his son in the crook of his arm before offering him the bottle that sat on the table beside it.

"I want to tell you about Marko's sense of humor, and how Jasna loved to dance. They had a different mama then you do, she's with them now, taking care of them so they won't be alone. Her name was Danijela, I told you about her too, about how beautiful she was. She loved to sing to Jasna and Marko, she would sing them to sleep with lullabies, I wish you could hear her sing, not like tata sings to you. They're in heaven now, and they're your angels Joe, the ones who watch over you when mama and tata can't, like when you're sleeping, so you never have to be afraid. "You're such a lucky boy to have so many people to love you and watch over you." Leaning his head down, he shifted the bottle enough that he could place a kiss on his son's forehead as he finished speaking.

"You are such a lucky boy, Joe, but, not as lucky as I am, because you've given me the chance to be that one thing I never thought I would ever be again. This is the beginning of so much for you. I won't disappoint you Joe...I promise you that.

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