Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prompt 32 B: Hospital /Canon Muses

"Are you all right?" Gillian asked the question as they entered the elevator, and Luka let his head fall back against the pillow on the gurney.

"Just tired." He cracked an eye open to look at the Canadian nurse.

"We'll get you all settled in your room, and then you can sleep." Without thinking she reached over to lay her hand on his forehead, testing for an increase in the fever that his malaria carried with it.

"Sleeping too much." Even as he voiced the complaint he knew there was little else he could do until he got stronger.

"Is it hard being back?" Gillian wasn't sure what prompted the question, and she immediately regretted it as she caught the look of the ambulance attendants who stood in the elevator with them.

"I don't know, maybe." He raised his arm, only to let it fall across his eyes.

"Luka, look at me," Gillian's tone immediately changed with his action, and she waited for his compliance.

"What's wrong?" She touched his forehead again as he dropped his arm, only to frown as she met his eyes.

"It's just too bright." As if that was enough of an answer, Luka closed his eyes yet again.

"Your fever is spiking again." Before either of them could say anymore the ding of the elevator signaled their arrival at the fifth floor.

"Let's get you settled." Gillian stepped out first, then moved aside to let them push Luka's gurney into the hall, she'd brought him home, whatever came next was up to him.



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