Saturday, April 7, 2007

Night Out 4/? Floor in 100 Situations

"Everybody, down on the floor, we want wallets, purses, jewelry..." The men began barking orders, each shouting over the other to be heard over the voices of the terrified customers. For Abby it were as if she were watching it from the outside, while she found herself complying, she couldn't help but keep looking back to where Luka still lay on the floor, as yet unmoving.

"Please, can I see to him? I'm a doctor." She offered the last in the hope that common sense might win over the man where emotion might not.

"I know you didn't mean to hurt him, he just surprised you, please?"  The oldest of the men leveled his gun on her, delaying a response as he looked first to his partners then to Luka and back to her.

"All right, you can check on him, but you try anything and I'll kill him and you both." As if the gun alone had not been enough to convince her, the tone of his voice left no doubt as to the seriousness behind his words.

"Will you all just shut up, I swear, one more sound." The largest of the three snapped as the noise level began to get to him.

"We want cell phones...better get those ties and belts off too, going to need something to tie you up with." They continued manhandling their way through the other patrons, yanking off necklaces and tossing threats when someone moved too slowly to suit them.

"Joey..get everyone down on the floor by the bar...line them up there, we'll use the railing to secure them." The man who stood over Abby glanced away long enough to issue the order to the smallest of the three before turning back and nudging her with the end of the gun.

"Go if you're going, but so help me, I'll kill him where he lays if you try anything, you got me?" He issued the threat with the barrel still trained on her.

"Yes, just let me go." Her voice trembled despite her efforts to control it.

"All right." Motioning her to move with the rifle the man watched her move to Luka's side, even going so far to walk across the room and stand beside her as she sank to the floor beside him.

"Luka..." Abby lifted his head onto her knee as she brushed his bangs back, feeling the sticky wetness of blood on her fingers. "Luka, come on, wake up."

to be continued...

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