Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Song Lyrics/Realm of the Muse

And sometimes you close your eyes
And see the place where you used to live
When you were young...

"We're getting married, Abby and I, after all the mistakes, we're finally going to get it right. I never thought I'd marry a second time, I thought that Danijela would be the only wife I'd ever have. Oh, I know, I've asked Abby before, but, she's always said no, there's always been something holding her back.  Not this time, she wants this as much as I do and more importantly we both want Joe to have the security of knowing his parents loved each other enough to want to really be together. We want him to know we are a family in every sense of the word.

I can't help but find myself remembering how it was when Danijela and I were first married, we were both so young.  She was just 18, I was all of 20 myself, we were in love and we thought we'd have a lifetime together.  If only we had known how short that lifetime would really be, I wonder how much of what we had done we might have changed if we had known how few years we would actually have?

We never had much money but that didn't matter, when you're in love you can overcome anything.  We had a small apartment and when Danijela got pregnant within a few months of our marriage we couldn't have been happier. Sure, it made things a little more difficult, what with me in school and working when I wasn't. We both had the support of our families, and close friends and no matter what the struggle someone was there to see us through them.

I think that's what I'll miss with Abby now. Neither of us have family nearby, the friends we have are those we know through work, and there isn't the connection with them that Danijela and I had with ours all those years ago. Whatever problems we might have we'll face on our own.

I've changed so much since those early years with Danijela, and while I know I can't have the same kind of marriage with Abby that I had with her, it can be every bit as good.  I love Abby and I know this is the right thing for both of us, I can only hope she feels the same way.

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