Tuesday, December 5, 2006

General 09.Tangled/10 ER Fics

Missing Part 2

There had to be a reasonable explanation for where Abby and Joe were.  Even as he stood there on the sidewalk clutching the blood stained blanket his mind was scrambling for some reason other than the one he'd first lept at.  He'd call her, that would solve everything, she'd probably just taken him to the park.  He could believe that, even if it didn't explain the blanket.  Pulling out his cell phone he pushed the quick dial for Abby's phone.  Breathe Luka, breathe. He voiced the reminder silently to himself as he listened to the ring, only to frown as he realized that he wasn't just hearing it through the phone he held to his ear. 

"Oh God, no." It was all he could do to re-enter the apartment and realize that the dual ring was indeed coming from inside.  Abby hadn't taken her phone, where would she have gone without it?

"Abby."  He closed his own phone and re-pocketed it as he saw hers on the counter.  She wouldn't have left willingly without it, would she?  She'd have known he'd try to reach her.  Already he could feel his heart starting to race, the worst case scenario already beginning to take root.

"No!" he wasn't going to give in to it...not yet, he couldn't give up on them.  Think, think, his thoughts were becoming a tangled mess and the only thing he was sure of was that Abby and Joe were missing.  What would she have done?  She knew whe was due home...think. 

Her phone, that might be it, maybe the clue was in her phone, maybe she'd left it for a reason.  He immediately reached for Abby's phone and punched redial, only to hear the answering ring of his own phone in response. 

"Damn." He threw it across the room without thinking about the consequences.

"Abby, where are you?"

to be continued...


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