Saturday, December 2, 2006

03. General Bonus: Nightmare /10 ER Fics

It hadn't helped telling Abby about Ames, if anything it seemed to only have made matters worse, and Luka found himself dreading leaving for work the following morning.  He and Abby had sat up until early morning discussing what they could do to best handle Ames, if in fact he was stalking the family which Abby still fully doubted. There was no question now that they should stagger their shifts, neither of them would be able to concentrate on their patients if they knew the other weren't with Joe. So, it was he who had gone to work and Abby who was the one to stay home, spending the first day with Joe.

"Abby?" Even as he opened the door Luka felt the chill creep up his spine, something was wrong, instinctively he knew it the moment he stepped inside and the panic was immediate. 

"Abby! Joe!"  He dropped his briefcase and ran for the stairs, taking them two at a time only to find that room empty as well. They had to be here.  Backtracking downstairs he stopped when he saw one of Joe's blankets laying balled up on the floor, as he picked it up he couldn't miss the blood that stained it and he felt his heart stop.  Oh God, no.

"Abby! Joe!"  He clutched the thin blanket in his hands as he ran for the door and back outside, stopping when he reached the sidewalk, his eyes scanning up one side and then down the other.  This couldn't be happening, it was a nightmare, it had to be, oh god, please, let him wake up from it.

to be continued...

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