Monday, June 27, 2005

Ghosts 35/37

Chapter  35

An ER Fanfic following the "Bishop Stewart" arc

The shrill ring of the telephone jarred Angelique from her thoughts.  Cursing both the intrusion and the chance that the sound would wake Luka she hurried to the phone, picking it up on the third ring.  "Hello?"  Even as she answered her attention shifted to Luka for the moment it to register if he had been awakened.

When she saw he hadn't she released a relieved breath and returned her full concentration to the call.  "Alexander...yes...I'm, I had to take care of a personal matter."  She rubbed her brow as the man on the other end expressed his concerns.  "Yes, it was didn't go home...he's still here....Alexander, he's sleeping."  The longer her colleague spoke the more she found her irritation rising, how could she expect him to understand why this was so important to, she quickly amended the thought, why he was so important to her?  "I told you he was asleep...I am not leaving him here alone."  She paused, letting her eyes return to Luka as he stirred slightly, reacting even on the deepest level to the noise in the room.  "Yes, I'll call you back when he wakes up...good-bye Alexander."  With the call finished she replaced the handset in the cradle, she should shower and change before he woke...maybe she could even order breakfast in.  She managed a smile at the thought of what still was to come, then set about gathering her things.

As he set about preparing for his morning mass Father Joe found his thoughts wandering back to the events of the previous evening.  There was no doubt in his mind that those who had attended the forum had walked away with a better understanding of the problems many of them suffered from.  The fact that some remained until past midnight spoke to the importance of it...but the one he had so counted on helping had not been among them. 

What he wouldn't have given to have been in the hall when the woman had led the young doctor from the hear what was said and to know what had happened that had kept either from returning.  The speaker had seemed just as puzzled as he was though he seemed to have recognized Luka from conversations he'd had with his colleague.  There was no question in his mind that the workings of the meeting were being manipulated by a higher had to bemore the sheer coincidence...but what was still to come? 

The start to the organ music signaled an end to his musings, he had a parish to worry about and though he considered the young doctor one of his parishioners he knew others needed him as much if not more.  He would call him after mass...or maybe pay him another visit...yes, that was exactly what he would do.

She had debated taking the El to Luka's stop..maybe something had happened..maybe he was ill and couldn't get to the phone.  As she stared out of the train window her thoughts were filled with all of the worst case scenarios what if he had gone but it had just been too much for him....what if he had picked up and left.  No..she couldn't think like that...most likely he had just gotten home late and unplugged the phone so he could sleep...he would call...she knew he would.  She had to force herself to stay in her seat as the car slowed and the doors slid open...she had to let him handle this on his own.  She turned her attention back to the window as the car began to move again...she was just overreacting, he would call her at work, or maybe show up at lunch..tell her it had been long and boring.  She found herself smiling as she seemed to find satisfactory conclusions to her worries.  He wouldn't leave her hanging..he would know she was worried and like always he would be there to ease her fears. 

As she stepped from the bathroom Angelique was relieved to find Luka still sleeping, folding her arms she found herself watching him as she had so many days and nights all those years ago.  It was hard not to make comparisons to her old memories as he lay there...looking for the indications that his dreams were still strong...seeing the lines that had come with his age.  Ten years since she had first met him...five since she had seen him last, but a lifetime in so many ways.  She drifted back to the chair, reaching a hand across to brush his hair off his forehead and to check his temperature with the action.  Why now though?  What had made this the right time?  More importantly, was their meeting part of a greater plan?  

to be continued...

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