Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ghosts 31/37

Chapter  31

An ER Fanfic following the "Bishop Stewart" arc

It didn't take Angelique long to decide that leaving Luka's car at the church was the best option, he was obviously in no condition to drive, and the hotel had been chosen because of it's close proximity.  As tired as he was she was sure he could handle the two block walk.  Judging from the number of cars still in the parking lot as they passed, Alexander was still talking and while she knew she should go back and at least fill him in on what happening her ties to Luka pulled stronger.  When she reached the hotel she could leave a message for him at the desk, it wasn't like he didn't know her well enough to guess her absence would be the result of something important.  She'd leave the message and then when he called she would explain everything to him..well, maybe not everything, but enough that he would understand what had happened.

She glanced back over to Luka as he walked beside her, hands shoved in the pockets of the navy peacoat he wore, eyes fixed on the ground in front of him.  He was barely managing to put one foot in front of the other, prompting her to slide an arm around his waist in an effort to steady him....and maybe even to keep him grounded to where he was.  There would be little time for talk tonight, she'd offer a sedative to him if he refused to give into his fatigue..but sleep was what he most needed now and she would do whatever she needed to see that he got it.  They had all of tomorrow for talk and as curious as she might be to find out all he had done since she last saw him her concerns for his health and well being were far stronger. 

"This is it, Luka."  She slowed as they neared the older brick hotel, "I want to leave a message for Alexander when we get inside, let him know I am already back so he won't worry about where I am.  As soon as I do that we can get you upstairs." 

Luka merely nodded in response, dulled senses barely registering the hotel or the few patrons moving about the lobby as they stepped inside.  "I won't be more then a couple wait here for me, Sweetie." Angelique's voice registered again with him and he forced his attention to her as she stopped near the front desk.  A simple nod to indicate his understanding and she moved away, leaving him to his own thoughts.  There was something he was forgetting...something he should do...but what?  Why couldn't he get his mind to focus on anything?  He shook his head slightly as if the action might jar his memory then with a soft sigh he let it go..whatever it was gone before it could take hold.  A touch on his shoulder signaled the older woman's return and he turned his head to her as she spoke. 

"All finished...ready to go upstairs now?"  She found herself smiling as first he blinked in sleepy recognition at her return then long after they got upstairs would it be before he was fast asleep?  Sliding her arm around his waist again she guided him towards the elevator, then as the doors slid open, inside.  His eyes had taken on the glassy look of one just barely aware of his surroundings and as the car signaled their arrival and the doors opened she had begun to wonder if he would even make it to the room before he fell asleep.  "This is my room.."  Leaving him to lean against the wall she fished her cardkey out and swiped it though the reader.  "It's nothing special I'm afraid..."  Angelique found herself apologizing though she doubted he even noticed.  "Go ahead and take your coat off, Sweetie.."  She instructed once she had him inside.  Reaching behind him she flipped the light on then closed the door, before finally removing her own. 

Luka found himself doing as she asked without thinking, it was easier that way, though once he had the coat off he found himself holding it, his mind unable to process what he should do with it next.  "I'll take it, Luka."  He released it as she spoke then a moment later let her lead him over to the bed.  "I know this is hard for you, Sweetie...none of it is making sense."  She coaxed him to sit on the side of the bed, then knelt to remove his shoes.  "We'll get you all tucked in and then you can get some sleep, in the morning everything will be better, you'll see."

"Will it?"  The question was asked so quietly she barely heard him in the midst of everything else.  "What was that, Sweetie?"  She brushed his bangs back off his face, a gesture that allowed her to check his temperature at the same time, then lifted his legs onto the bed as she got him settled.  "I don't know what they want..."  Stroking his brow she knelt beside him, her brows knitting together in confusion as she tried to follow his train of thought.  "What who want, Luka?"  She continued to soothe the tension from his forehead, her fingertips massaging lightly as she lulled him closer towards sleep.  "The ghosts.."  His voice had become little more then a drowsy whisper and she found herself straining to hear him as he spoke.

What could she say to him?  Whatever had prompted the relapse had to have been traumatic for him, something far more then he could deal with on is own.  Was that why she had been guided to him?  "Sleep now, can let it go for now.."  Had he not been so exhausted she might have let him talk...but not when he was like this, not when he was barely holding on to consciousness.  There still remained a shadow of fear in his eyes...and it was obvious he was fighting letting go.  "They come when I sleep..."  Angelique found herself fighting her own emotions as he spoke, she had to be strong for him now.  Brushing her fingers through his hair she forced a smile before she returned to stroking his brow.  " have to don't have to worry tonight, I'll be right here with you."

He wanted to fight it...but he was losing the battle, raising one hand he wrapped his fingers around her wrist, stilling her hand.  "I'm scared..."  Nodding, Angelique pried his fingers loose then lay his hand on his chest.  "Sweetie, I promise..I'll be right here with you."  The look on his face was enough to break her heart and in that moment she wanted to pull him to her and do nothing more then hold him, instead she brushed her fingertips over his eyelids, easing them closed before she began softly to sing the familiar lullaby that would send him finally to sleep.

"Viens mon petit ours dans mes bras
La nuit est tombée et j'ai un peu froid.
Une perle vient de couler sur ma joue
Tu vas l'essuyer de ton pelage doux.

Quand demain matin,le soleil
Me dira : "debout,la vie est merveille"
Toi,tu resteras assis sur mon lit
Tu es le gardien des ombres de la nuit"

to be continued...

Translation of "Viens mon petit ours" ("Come my teddy bear"),
courtesy of Marie

"Come in my arms my teddy bear
The night has fallen and I'm a bit cold
A pearl has just rolled down my cheek
You will dry it with your soft fur

When tomorrow morning the sun will tell me
"Get up, life is wonderful"
You will remain sitted on my bed
For you're the keeper from the shadows of the night"

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