Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prompt: 265 What did you dream last night? /Theatrical Muse

It was hard to deny the fear, all those years he'd begged for death, and now it was here in front of him and he was afraid. Kneeling there in the dirt, he could feel the pebbles as they dug into his skin. It was hard to stay still, to keep their attention from being drawn to him, it was cowardly. Hiding behind the others as they one by one were drug off to meet their deaths until he was the only one left save Sakima and Chance. He couldn't protect them anymore then he'd been able to protect Danijela and his own children.

It as all so real, even after so many years, and it was only Abby's gentle hand on his brow and soothing words in his ear that brought him back from the nightmare.

"Luka, shhh. It's all right. " She waited until his eyes opened to pull her hand away, wanting to hold onto her connection with him until the very last moment.

"It's just a dream." She offered him a smile, though there was little doubt in her mind that her husband was still not fully with her.

"Nothing can hurt you here." She returned her hand to his arm, all the while struggling with her own emotions. Even after so long, there was no denying that his fear was as strong as it was in those first weeks after he'd returned home. No matter how much he tried to deny it when he was awake, in sleep he was always betrayed.

"I'm here, Luka, you're safe, they're all safe." She brushed his bangs off of his forehead with the reassurance, the dampness of them yet another confirmation to the intensity of the dream.

"Go back to sleep, Luka, you're safe." As his eyes closed, Abby allowed herself to finally relax, at least for tonight the worst was over. They both battled their demons, and as he had promised to support her through her struggle with alcohol how could she not support him as he relived the horrors of his past? Their decision to move to Boston only confirmed how determined they were to do what was necessary to reclaim their marriage. If he could support her through her fight to stay sober, she would be there for him through this, she owed him that much and more. Brushing his bangs aside she placed a light kiss on his forehead.

"I'm here, Luka, go back to sleep, you're safe now."

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