Sunday, October 1, 2006

Bonding/ 005 Son 100 Situations

Character/Pairing: Luka and Baby Joe Kovac
Prompt: 005. Son
Word Count: 312
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Bloodlines/Graduation Day spoilers
Summary: Luka spends time alone with his newborn son.
Disclaimer:Neither Goran Visnjic's image nor the character of Luka Kovac of ER belong to me. No copy-write infringement is intended by their use, they are being borrowed here strictly for entertainment purposes

"Joe, you came a little early, but we're glad you're here." Translation of what Luka said to Joe in Croatian in Graduation Day

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It hadn't taken much convincing on Luka's part for him to take over Joe's 2am feedings, it seemed only reasonable to allow Abby the extra time to sleep, and he welcomed the time alone with his son. As the baby began to cry Luka reached over to touch Abby's shoulder.

"I've got him." He leaned down to kiss her, only to smile as she barely stirred. It was funny how often he was finding memories of Danijela surfacing with Joe's arrival.  He'd yet told Abby about them of course, he wasn't sure how she would take being compared to the woman she'd once referred to as his ghost.  Pushing the bedding aside he slipped from the bed and went to the crib where their son lay crying.

"Are you hungry?"  He scooped his son into his arms, then lay him over his shoulder, rubbing his hand in slow circles over the boy's back as he carried him down to the kitchen to prepare his bottle. 

He had missed too many moments like this with Jasna and Marko, medical school, the long hours of internships and residencies, he wasn't letting them slip by him again.  As the microwave sounded he opened the door and pulled the bottle out, testing the temperature of the milk against the inside of his wrist before offering it to the baby.   Luka couldn't help smiling as he greedily took it.

"Not so fast, you were hungry, weren't you?"  Taking a seat on the couch he repositioned his son more comfortably in the cook of his arm, as he continued to feed him.  "Not so bad having tata feed you is it?"  The conversation was the start of many he knew he would have with the small boy, and he slipped into Croatian as he spoke to him.  "I'll always be here for you, Joe, I'll always be here."</

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