Sunday, July 31, 2005

Healing 19/30

Chapter 19

A follow-up to the Congo arc, this story interweaves with the actually aired episodes

"How is he?"  Ingrid Johannesson's worry was no longer anything she was hiding, and as her husband stepped out of the guest bedroom she immediately confronted him.

"He's resting again."  He motioned his wife to the stairs as he spoke.  "Let's go back to the kitchen.

"Martin, that isn't resting...there has to be something more we can do."

"He was awake long enough to take his pills, that should help."  He started down the stairs in hopes that his wife would follow and after a moments hesitation she did.  "He's a doctor, Ingrid, I'm sure he would have said something if there was more that could be done."

"The least we could do is sit with him then, I don't like the idea of his being up there alone."  The older woman's attention went back up the stairs as she spoke.

"Has it occurred to you that he might not be comfortable having someone in his room while he's asleep?"  Martin lifted an eyebrow with the question, then smiled as his wife started to speak again.

"Martin...the boy is running a temperature, someone should stay with him, if you won't let me do it then you should do it yourself."  As his wife's hands settled on her hips he realized she was past backing down on the matter.

"All right then, I guess I could do some of my paperwork in there just as easily as in my office."

"Thank-you.."  Ingrid moved over to kiss her husband.  "I'll make you some tea."

"You know you're a stubborn old woman, don't you?"  Martin chuckled softly as he spoke.

"A perfect match for you, old get your papers, I still don't like the idea of his being left alone, no matter how long it is." 

The next several hours were ones that found Dr. Johannesson getting very little of his work done.  Luka's sleep continued to be restless as his temperature spiked and what little sleep he was getting continued to be filled with dreams.  Retaking his seat after replacing the blankets that had been pushed away for no less than the sixth time, he felt, rather then saw, Luka's eyes on him.  Before he could do anything more then bring his eyes back to him, the man began to speak.

"Should go...not safe here."  The words were quiet, and though Luka seemed to be looking at him, Martin found himself left with the feeling that he was looking far beyond him.

"Where's here, Luka?"  The doctor asked the question cautiously, unsure of the awareness of the man in front of him.

"Should all go...leave me here...safer not to be found with me..."  The warnings continued as if he were either unwilling or unable to say more.  "Should all go..."  His words trailed off, the energy to speak gone as quickly as it had appeared. 

Johannesson found himself at a loss for how to respond as Luka's eyes remained open and on him for a moment longer, until, with a sigh of seeming defeat he closed them again.  What was he to make of this?  He reached for the young doctor's file and opened it, no one knew exactly all he had been through, they could guess, even use the statements given by the two others that had survived the capture by the rebels, but only if the man before him chose to talk could he know the full truth.  He flipped through the file until he found the medical records from the clinic in Africa.

Malaria...anemia...contusions...excessive bruising indicative of physical abuse, nothing of his mental state, that could only be left to speculation.  He'd been unconscious when found, dehydrated, his condition reflecting abuse and neglect.  

The doctor shook his head as he continued to read through the records, all of this on top of what he had already experienced before going to Africa.  Letting the file drop on his lap, Dr. Johannesson slid his fingers underneath his glasses to massage the bridge of his nose before returning his attention to the man in front of him.  So many things for one person to endure, he let his hand drop and sat back in the chair so he could study his patient more closely.  Even in sleep he was restless, chasing the memories that continued to haunt him.  He'd thought they were making progress, that the young man was beginning to open up, but here were things that had not even been touched on, how much more had he kept to himself?

to be continued...

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